About me

My name is M├ęgane Marchal and I was born and raised in France. From a young age, I had a passion for drawing and painting. However, I put that dream on hold to pursue a career in business and moved to Montreal in 2019 . When the pandemic hit, I rediscovered my love for painting and drawing. I decided to finally pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a full time artist. I am excited to share my work with you.

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Artistic Approach

I've discovered my artistic style through working with light, shadow, and acrylic paint. Drawing faces, eyes, and bodies has always fascinated me, and it became the focus of my paintings. In Montreal, I explored my identity and embraced bold, vibrant themes. My art reflects personal growth, spiritual exploration, and the depth of the human experience. I incorporate newspaper and book pages for texture, use acrylic paint for vibrant colors, and employ contrasting tones to convey emotions. When I arrived in Montreal, it became crucial for me to explore my identity and delve deeper into self-discovery. Immersed in new landscapes and surrounded by diverse individuals, I felt liberated to explore more original and vibrant themes. I discovered within myself a love for bold and vivid colors, which I yearned to express in my paintings...

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M├ęditerranean Summer - Prints


For any question or price request, kindly click the link below or contact me directly at marchalxstudio@gmail.com.

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