For as long as I can remember, I've loved drawing, painting and manual activities. I could spend hours drawing in my room before dinner, and I was enrolled in art history and drawing classes in junior high and high school. It was then that I really developed a passion for these arts and that my greatest dream was born: to become a painter. I was already imagining myself exhibiting in art galleries all over the world and being able to make a living from my passion, far away from office life. In the second half of my schooling, it was agreed that I would study business administration and for 5 years, I abandoned my passion for painting and drawing and my dream gradually faded into something more "reasonable" and "safe". With my business experience, maybe one day I'll open my own art gallery, but in the meantime it's better to play it safe. My life took a turn when in 2019, freshly graduated, I made the decision to leave for a new adventure and move to Montreal to start my career in product marketing. When Covid arrived, I was lucky enough to be able to continue doing my work from home. With the time I was saving by staying at home, I decided to take up an old hobby: painting. In 2022, with the return to the local scene, I decided to change jobs in order to be closer to home and make the return to the office less difficult. I was immediately hired by a new French-Canadian company where I felt at home. In April 2023, after almost a year on the job, I was laid off. At first, my survival instinct was to update my resume and find another job as quickly as possible, but after a few days' reflection, I decided to use this time to realize my lifelong dream of becoming a painter. So here I am, introducing myself and my work to you and I hope you like it.

Artistic Approach

It took me some time to find my artistic style and rhythm. I've worked extensively with light, shadow, and acrylic paint, which allows me to incorporate vibrant colors into my canvases. Inspiration often strikes me while walking or even during my sleep. I've always had a fascination with drawing faces, eyes, and bodies, so when I started painting, these subjects naturally became the focus of my ideas.

When I arrived in Montreal, it became crucial for me to explore my identity and delve deeper into self-discovery. Immersed in new landscapes and surrounded by diverse individuals, I felt liberated to explore more original and vibrant themes. I discovered within myself a love for bold and vivid colors, which I yearned to express in my paintings.

After years of personal growth, spiritual exploration, understanding humanity, and finding inner peace, I felt compelled to express my profound emotions and the knowledge I had acquired. The human being is vast, brilliant, powerful, and full of color. As you can see in my artwork, some pieces are more vibrant than others. In this initial collection, I sought to represent the depth of the human experience—the internal colors that emanate from the soul. Each individual has their own unique depth and vibrancy. Along my creative and spiritual journey, I sought living colors that inspired and spoke to me, evoking faces, bodies, and something truly singular.

One of my earliest canvases, created when I was around 17, already incorporated newspaper and book pages. I enjoyed working with the textures and relief that the paper provided, adding dimension to my artwork. Over the years, I continued and refined this technique, often incorporating book pages that I collect from the numerous "book boxes" scattered throughout the city. When a particular title resonates with me, I salvage its pages, giving them a second life within my art.

In addition to book pages, I use acrylic paint which I find more vibrant with brighter hues. I also bring texture to my canvases by using painter knives.

The bright and sunny colors I employ are largely inspired by the different phases of the day, from the vibrant hues of sunrise to the darker shades of sunset. They mirror the contrasting tones found in the natural cycle of life. Sometimes, the background of a painting may be dark, while the body is illuminated with light and color. Other times, the background may be light, while the body takes on more neutral tones. For instance, one of my paintings, "The Thinker," features a vibrant red/orange background, while the painted face is in black and white. This piece represents an environment that offers endless possibilities, support, and love, while the individual, a woman in this case, is caught up in overthinking, lost in a fog of thoughts, symbolized by the black and white colors of her face. She forgets to lift her head and appreciate her surroundings.

In general, I let creativity and ideas wash over me before diving into the creation process. If inspiration doesn't strike, I don't force myself to create. New ideas can emerge suddenly, even while I'm in the midst of painting, leading me to modify or change colors. The most important aspect of my artistic approach is to follow my instincts and grant myself the freedom to create based on my state of mind. I give my mind and intuition complete creative freedom, allowing my art to evolve organically.

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